Friday, July 15, 2011

Vintage road trippin'

I have so many photos, and I'm going to do the next few blog posts in chronological order.
First up, the op-shopping road trip to Launceston.
I simply cannot give away our locations, but we all did rather well.

The trip also meant a return trip to Fresh. And a snoop around the other rooms (I wondered why this groovy space with great food and great coffee was so empty, on a Saturday morning, the last time I visited - well it wasn't! The rest of the patrons were in the other rooms!).

Fresh's interior boasts kitsch, '70s style - I love it. I want those chairs!

How about the giant Tretchikov print on the wall?! And the tub chairs.

Another room! Yes, I really had no idea what was going on last time I was there . Great mosaic-effect wallpaper.

Blackalicious and chandeliercious...?

Good-looking lights.

Whoever did the interior design here has some good style goin' on.

Simple and effective.

And now for the food...

The infamous share plate (did I mention Fresh is vego?)

Quinoa with a smoked paprika spicy tomato and vegetable combination...

Big couscous with black-eyed beans.

All done. Thanks, Fresh. Seeya next time...

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