Sunday, February 19, 2012

Looks of love

Out and about capturing the lovely things I see.
 Such a beautiful starburst in the vintage signage on an abandoned shopfront.

 Sunny, cloudy or rainbow, or all of the above.

Good morning!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Brazil deal

This house on Sao Paulo is so incredible, it's almsot too much to take in. I want to move in. Until I do (a move to Brazil!? Sheesh!), I'll just take some inspiration from the owner's incredible collection and equally great curation and display.
See more of the fabulous house on Campbells Lofts' Facebook page.

Time for fashion...

Bloody hell! Where did the last 6 weeks go?!
Apologies for those who returned here, yet again, to find nothing has changed. But in that time, a lot has. Anyhoo...
For now, this is all I could muster - some great street style shots by Tommy Ton from NY Fashion Week.