Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bathing beauty

It's been a long time coming, but I have a new bathroom.
It's almost complete, but to an unsuspecting eye, it looks done!
It seems like that peculiar mix of "only yesterday and ages ago" when I was at this stage of the renovation.

I'm so glad I asked for the little recess/shelf in the wall. Tiling it was hard, but worth it.

The gorgeous '50s green ceramic pedestal basin has been kicking around for about two and a half years. I picked it up for a bargain with this renovation in mind; it's the perfect "one accent colour" I was after for my all-white bathroom. It's elegant and has a large, wide surround for sitting bits and pieces on and most importantly, because it's not boxed in and built in it's easy to clean all the way around.

The little vintage mirror above the handbasin and the large mirror on the opposite wall "mirror" each others curvaceous shape. It's the little things.

The oval ceiling-mounted chrome shower-curtain rail, from Period Details , was the most expensive element in my renovation! Seriously. It was even more expensive than the bath, the tiles and the chrome trombone shower/bath set. Unbelievable.

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