Monday, July 11, 2011

Holiday load

I'm back from five fabulous days in Melbourne; my old stomping ground.
My luggage is a little heavier, so that means making room in my wardrobe.
I bought a few pieces in the sales but also scored some secondhand goodness.
I have a new-found respect and appreciation for vintage (although, I don't think I ever really lost it) after flitting through Melbourne's pre-loved outlets.
On the one hand: some of the prices a variety of secondhand shop owners were asking, for polyester and nylon '70s dresses, was unbelievable and on the other: the cheaper op-shops have been well and truly picked over - the $200+ '70s dresses now made some kind of absurd sense - this is the new "vintage", all the proper vintage (pre-1970s, even '60s for the purists) is hanging in wardrobes.
Luckily Tasmania still has the goods - I just picked up a good selection of bits and pieces on the way home from the airport.
But a girl can't keep it this space for news of a mega-vintage sale in the not-too-distant future.

Speaking of wardrobes, Caroline Stridfeldt's, found at Swedish blogger Elin Kling's site Style by Kling, is particularly chic, and sooo organised! I need to try harder in the organisation department.
Oh, and still speaking of wardrobes, a new Wardrobe Wander is imminent. Birdy Popcorn 's beautiful, stylish, lovely and talented Bianca Loiacono opened up her home and wardrobe for me while I was in Melbourne.

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