Sunday, June 19, 2011

A re-Freshing road trip

Fresh is a little piece of Melbourne-style cool right in the middle of Launceston. I had two great Genovese coffees there on Saturday morning along with couscous porridge (I know, it sounds awful, but it was delicious), with bananas, dates, almonds and coconut milk.

Thank God they've left the lovely tiles and other original shopfront trimmings.

I love this sign. Fresh shares the street with the Tasmanian Greens office. Maybe they have a problem with some of the political party's supporters?

Lots of laminex and retro furnishings makes me happy. And Grace Jones on the sound system made my day.

All the while, the Jag sat patiently glistening in the morning sun for my return and safe passage back to the Coast. But not before a quick trip to Bunnings and the fabulous Kings Meadows City Mission where I stocked up on secondhand toys and bits and pieces for jewellery. Yay!
Thanks Jag. I'll wash you.

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