Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Showing off the loot

Seek and ye shall find, that's my picking mantra.
And the most recent looking has unearther some particularly worthy loot.

Finally, the disco ball arrives. I've wanted one for some time - god knows why, but they are the kind of thing that turn up on streets, in rubbish, and in skip bins, and typically, this one (with the motor etc still attached), was rescued from the tip. It was thrown in together with a heap of stuff from the Top of the Town hotel, in Burnie (oh, what has the disco ball been privy to over the years?).  The council workers didn't even bat an eyelid when we asked them to pass it to us, after we spotted it in the land fill about to be smashed up. The Panthers plaque was a recent score, as was the retro dartboard, while the white glass and metal light fixture is pure mid-century gold.
Getting to the garagies a little earlier paid off with a good vinyl loot to take home. "$1 you say?" "Why yes, I will take all of these fine, rare pieces of musical history, thank you."
Kookaburra outside my house is looking retro, new Tony Bianco shoes on old leopard, and a remarkably beautiful full moon.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Look, it's Lonny!

The new issue of Lonny is now online to view. 
Not only does it include a sneak peek into J Crew creative director Jenna Lyons' office (she's a stylish chica that one), it boasts the usual elegant interiors, the ex-Domino staff have become known for.

Jenna Lyons' J Crew office, featuring a lovely big desk.
Hmmm, that's quite an office, Jenna.