Friday, July 26, 2013

She's a stylish old bitch

A Grey St stalwart, the bitch is back has been standing on the corners of Barkly, Inkerman and Grey streets since 1992. Great pieces have come and gone through the establishment, and from memory, they were early adopters of the post mid-century modern look; championing decadent 1960s and '70s style.  Love. 

A Grey St stalwart, the bitch is back has been standing on the corners of Barkly, Inkerman and Grey streets since 1992. 

 Curvaceous Italian-made lamps from the 1970s, Danish and Australian sideboards, sofas, quirky objects, even fashion all get an airing in the welcoming store.
The Mr is lounging on the velveteen modular sofa we loved, and according to the bitch is back website, it's still available. 
Shall we make a 1970s-era purchase?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Red on Grey

HOW many vintage furniture shops can one city (and its surrounding suburbs) sustain?
Well, if you are after a piece of mid-century furniture, then your choices are extensive.
Red rider vintage living, on St Kilda's Grey St, specialises in the best of the 1950s, '60s and '70s.
Clean-lined Danish sofas appear to be a specialty, as does Australian furniture labels Fler and Parker. 
The owner/proprietor was lovely and helpful.

Outside the shop. 
Grey St with a Danish and Australian foreground.
Lovely ceramics and glassware decorate mid-century wall units.

This gorgeous wallpaper was in the shop.
Four almost complete rolls of original '70s flamboyance.
We thought about the purchase over lunch, but the pink, blue, yellow and brown paisley floral pattern went 'round and 'round in my mind.
It came home with us.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Just like a bought one!

Starting its life as an in-store sunglasses display stand, this beauty is now home to my extensive jewellery collection.
When I said I'd take it off their hands, the Sussan girls looked a little puzzled. 
But I had a plan in mind before I'd even left the store.

My many many pieces of jewellery have a new home.

Not colour coordinated, but happy hanging in their new rows.

"Do you want an old sunglasses display stand?" the girls in Sussan . Why, yes, I do.  

With the rows of plastic sunglasses holders removed, the potential of the new piece is revealed.

The pieces of wood that jutted out in the original configuration make a handy shelf in its new form.

The Mr toiling away on the project, below.

He had a little helper, wisely wearing hi-vis red on site.
We used curtain rods and fixtures as new hangers.
We think the earrings rod needs to be higher and matched with another row either side of the existing row (it's also a little flimsy).
Oh, and the whole thing spins around too. Yay!
A lazy Sussan. Ha!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fad to Grey

ONCE upon a time, St Kilda's Grey St was a thoroughfare of disrepute.
Replete with prostitutes, their pimps, the men who sought their services, and a range of drug-chasing types, it wasn't the kind of neighbourhood one would choose to frequent for anything beyond a thrill.
But that was then.
Now, the street boasts exclusive apartments (with equally exclusive price tags), a hipster handmade bike shop, cafes, and the ubiquitous interiors shops.
Early adopters came and went (aside from the bitch is back, she still stands proud on the corners of Barkly, Inkerman and Grey), but the most recent tenants actually look pretty well rusted on.
Among them is Scout House, which does a nice line in eclectic loveliness.
Small and inexpensive pieces - soap, candles, stationery and the like - sidle up to attractive cushions, handsome chairs, lamps, beautiful posters and more.  
By night, Grey St's old inhabitants still aren't too far away, but by day, it's a hipsters paradise.

Nice layout. Scout House is an inviting space.


What was once a former house, Scout House makes the best of its "home" looks to decorate with an "in situ" style. 
Vintage pieces and new at Scout House.

Educational posters, a globe and colourful cushions lead into the back room at Scout House.

Friday, July 19, 2013

History tripping

Every weekend garage sales, auctions or markets call.
Like alluring sirens, it's hard to resist their beckoning. 
Often we buy something, sometimes we buy a lot of things, other times I just whip the camera out and capture the accessories of a time gone by.

My mum used to wear Tweed. This laminex table top it was photographed on, seems entirely appropriate. 

The Monaro belongs to the Mr.
Farmers was a supermarket/department store in the town I grew up in.
It's since gone, and seeing a paper bag with the all-familair logo was a lovely nostalgic trip, the bag, along with this gorgeous pair of lurex pumps were among the detritus of a recent deceased estate auction.
We ended up as the new owners of an almost complete - and extensive - collection of classical and operatic vinyl of a Mr Jack Atkinson.
We also now own his charming tie collection.
My mum remembers him.
He used to tote a Gladstone bag and walked at quite a clip.
The Gladstone bag was in the auction.

Mr Atkinson's tie collection. Beautiful. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Chanel surfing

Here's the latest issue of Lonny, which now boasts a bit more fashion than it has ever before.
Here's a still from a Chanel show featured in the July-August edition... 

...and who doesn't love a bit of Chanel