Sunday, November 27, 2011

Planet of attack

This post about the effects of Mercury retrograde (and this image) is from Gala Darling - I've referenced the New Zealander who now live in New York before. Anyhoo, I adhere to the belief that Mercury going backwards tends to stuff things up or more positively present another chance to have a go at something. I don't buy big items, expensive things, book unchangeable flights or sign contracts during Mercury retrograde. If I can't get out of doing any of the aforementioned, I anticipate things are going to change or break for a perfectly good reason.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Glasses not half cool

I have news specs after a looooong search. Not surprisingly they are secondhand (I imagine they belonged to some straight-up clerk-type gent from the '60s or '70s), and from Melbourne. I bought a cool pair of heavy-rimmed frames from the same store, The Melbourne Optical Centre, in the mid-late '90s. The Elizabeth St business has stocked vintage frames for a long time and has done quite a bit of business with me and my siblings over the years. My other new pair (also from Melbourne, but a different store), are great but they pinch my nose. I do like them so, though.

Nothing finer than Gills Diner

Gills Diner (here's a review from hip website and sometimes actual broadsheet Broadsheet), is tucked away in one of Melbourne's much-lauded laneways. The multi-level cafe/bakery/bistro was pretty busy the day The Beaufort 8 Group and I visited. It appears to have had a fairly minimal fit-out to transform the former warehouse into the sleek, minimally industrial space that it now is. I especially loved the tiles and steel-framed windows that created more spaces within the large, high-ceilinged space. The food was lovely (look at my nicoise salad's perfectly soft-boiled egg!), well priced and the service was excellent.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

House of style

They don't come much better than this mid-century modern beauty. And right here in Tassie! This Devonport home was up for auction yesterday, but was passed in at the mid $400s. While I didn't intend to buy, I love this style of architecture and couldn't help but take a sneak peek. But more importantly, if I had a spare half million to spend, would I buy a house in Devonport? I don't think so. But if you do, its with Harcourts. I think...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Window dressing

Although I'd planned to hang sheer white drapes in my giant hallway window, I came across some lovely ivory taffetta that was as cheap as chips. As I needed 7 metres of the stuff I was sold!
Plus the ribbon I used to trim the edges was not cheap. I'm happy with the outcome, especially the two differnt lengths.
And the taffeta is nice and crinkly, plus it makes a lovely swooshy sound as the wind blows through the windows. I've trimmed both edges of the curtains with ribbon now.