Tuesday, March 29, 2011

White on

It took hours of configuring a layout, but my bathroom's floor tiles are sorted.
I "tiled myself into a corner" and stuffed up the $$$ floor tiles big time.
After ripping up the offending tiles and working out a system that worked (seriously, when you stuff these tiles up, making them "work" again is like a crazy puzzle for geniuses), I happily attached them to the floor last night and have found myself wandering past the bathroom and looking in at my handy work, checking that I'm still satisfied with the result. Nerd.
Yay! The sadly postponed bathroom reno is getting closer to being finished.
See the joins? Nope, neither can I!

Grouting and rest of wall tiles next.


The Beaufort 8 Group said...

Good one!


Cathy G said...

Ya, I am pretty happy about it all.

Anonymous said...

nice tiles x

Anonymous said...

clever you!
looks v profess..