Saturday, March 19, 2011

Colour my world

I've started to create, in between doing bits and pieces around the house, such as re-puttying a leaking window (and just before the next few days' rain!).

Looks like this multi-colour feather neckpiece will be first cab off the rank.

A work in progress...not sure about the clear polyurethane plastic tubing?

A meritorious highschool piece of art by my sister. Talented!

I picked up these wooden blocks from a garage sale last week (along with the cute footstool below), the blocks are for jewellery.

I'll reupholster this good time. I'm thinking a pale yellow velvet or maybe even pale sea green or jade?


Anonymous said...

colour is the bees knees agreed for sure
by the by your feathers are beautiful, they made me daydream (always a good thing in my world)
you have a v talented family x

Anonymous said...

sea green, feather necklace is great