Monday, March 21, 2011

Wearstler weight in gold

Kelly Wearstler is a majorly influential interior designer in the US...and that influence is spreading. She was first brought to my attention in Domino magazine (RIP, Domino). They loved her and I can see why. Her aesthetic is very cool. She championed the Hollywood regency look, but has moved on to a more decadent, gold and metallics-heavy, flamboyant late-'60s early '70s look of late. I love it! I'm also a fan of her new blog. The media loves her...and one can see why. Not only is she creative and talented, she's quite the fox and uber chic.

Stylish to boot.


Anonymous said...

I agree I love her work, she gets to do everyday what I would LOVE to do..

catherineg said...

I know!
Lucky girl...