Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Polished good looks

The floorboard polishers arrived this morning.
They are sanding back the raw and paint-splattered floorboards of the Triple Cee studio and my home's entrance way.
As The Beaufort 8 Group said: "Schweet".

Loving this studio from the fabulously inspirational emmas designblogg

This old post shows how my studio used to look. After the polishers are done, I'll post new photos, then, after I've moved in and made it conducive to creativity(!), I'll post yet more photos.
Then, once I've started creating again, I'll post those photos.
Everything will be available to buy.


Anonymous said...

i love this look Catherine but alas would not work with my 3 girls.........

Cathy G said...

ha!...yes, I imagine 3 girls would wreak havoc in an all-white space!