Monday, July 22, 2013

Just like a bought one!

Starting its life as an in-store sunglasses display stand, this beauty is now home to my extensive jewellery collection.
When I said I'd take it off their hands, the Sussan girls looked a little puzzled. 
But I had a plan in mind before I'd even left the store.

My many many pieces of jewellery have a new home.

Not colour coordinated, but happy hanging in their new rows.

"Do you want an old sunglasses display stand?" the girls in Sussan . Why, yes, I do.  

With the rows of plastic sunglasses holders removed, the potential of the new piece is revealed.

The pieces of wood that jutted out in the original configuration make a handy shelf in its new form.

The Mr toiling away on the project, below.

He had a little helper, wisely wearing hi-vis red on site.
We used curtain rods and fixtures as new hangers.
We think the earrings rod needs to be higher and matched with another row either side of the existing row (it's also a little flimsy).
Oh, and the whole thing spins around too. Yay!
A lazy Sussan. Ha!

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