Friday, July 19, 2013

History tripping

Every weekend garage sales, auctions or markets call.
Like alluring sirens, it's hard to resist their beckoning. 
Often we buy something, sometimes we buy a lot of things, other times I just whip the camera out and capture the accessories of a time gone by.

My mum used to wear Tweed. This laminex table top it was photographed on, seems entirely appropriate. 

The Monaro belongs to the Mr.
Farmers was a supermarket/department store in the town I grew up in.
It's since gone, and seeing a paper bag with the all-familair logo was a lovely nostalgic trip, the bag, along with this gorgeous pair of lurex pumps were among the detritus of a recent deceased estate auction.
We ended up as the new owners of an almost complete - and extensive - collection of classical and operatic vinyl of a Mr Jack Atkinson.
We also now own his charming tie collection.
My mum remembers him.
He used to tote a Gladstone bag and walked at quite a clip.
The Gladstone bag was in the auction.

Mr Atkinson's tie collection. Beautiful. 

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