Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fad to Grey

ONCE upon a time, St Kilda's Grey St was a thoroughfare of disrepute.
Replete with prostitutes, their pimps, the men who sought their services, and a range of drug-chasing types, it wasn't the kind of neighbourhood one would choose to frequent for anything beyond a thrill.
But that was then.
Now, the street boasts exclusive apartments (with equally exclusive price tags), a hipster handmade bike shop, cafes, and the ubiquitous interiors shops.
Early adopters came and went (aside from the bitch is back, she still stands proud on the corners of Barkly, Inkerman and Grey), but the most recent tenants actually look pretty well rusted on.
Among them is Scout House, which does a nice line in eclectic loveliness.
Small and inexpensive pieces - soap, candles, stationery and the like - sidle up to attractive cushions, handsome chairs, lamps, beautiful posters and more.  
By night, Grey St's old inhabitants still aren't too far away, but by day, it's a hipsters paradise.

Nice layout. Scout House is an inviting space.


What was once a former house, Scout House makes the best of its "home" looks to decorate with an "in situ" style. 
Vintage pieces and new at Scout House.

Educational posters, a globe and colourful cushions lead into the back room at Scout House.

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