Thursday, October 6, 2011

A thousand wise words

These are some wise words from writer Penny Modra:

...there’s a secret part of the day called “7.30am to 9am” when you can get most of your work done! It’s radical. I write in 25 minute bursts using the timer app on my phone, which ticks every second and reminds me not to check my email. I think the secret to getting things done is taking at least two long breaks from email – and from the people around you – during the day and actually, you know, doing some work. The problem is, the email saps your mojo. Sucks it right out through your fingertips. So I replace my mojo with the counterfeit highs of nicotine and caffeine.

Wise words indeed, huh? I'm going to subscribe to her wisdom. I found them as part of an interview she did with The Design Files.

Penny Modra writes for The Age and works at Right Angle - the people who brought us Three Thousand, Two Thousand and several other Australian capital cities' postcodes.

Is Not Magazine – a collaboration between Jeremy Wortsman, Stuart Geddes, Penny Modra, Mel Campbell and Natasha Ludowyk. Is Not was awarded a Premier’s Design Award in 2006.

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