Sunday, October 2, 2011

Paint it black

An influential image from the sadly no longer in existence Domino Magazine :(
When I saw the charcoal walls in US brand J Crew designer/director Jenna Lyons' bedroom, I was convinced to do the same in mine.

The pic on the left is of the feature wall I plan to paint charcoal, and the rest of the room's walls are going to be de-sueded (Ugh, suede effect), painted the perfect shade of white (it's Dulux's Fair Bianca half. Avoid Antique White at all costs, I used it downstairs and regret it), and the picture rails and window trim will get a gloss white finish also. I've decided to go with Dulux's Nightsky black. It's lovely.

This room gets plenty of light, so a black wall is not an issue. On the other hand, dealing with the suede effect...ugh... 

The walls are painted white, I'm layering up glossy white picture rails, and window frames, the skirting boards are next, then the black feature wall. I'm excited! 

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Anonymous said...

Go you good thing. Love the sound of it all