Saturday, October 29, 2011

Root of the matter...

I've only dyed my hair lighter off and on in more recent years. A couple of disasters in my formative years kept me away from peroxide.
But, when paid for and done by a professional, I still left the salon a bit bemused and not entirely happy. Two to three months later, as my dark blonde roots began to show through, I was happy with my 'do.
You see, I don't like my hair too done, too neat or too blonde near my face. I L O V E regrowth.
So, now, if I do anything at all, I get the does everyone else it seems.
The Sartorialist has captured two of my favourite looks together: regrowth hair and racerback singlets - it's a look!

              Me with good regrowth and a singlet! With Beaufort 8 Group

These two images also courtesy of The Sartorialist.

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