Sunday, August 21, 2011

Who's a-Warey of the '70s?

I completely love this room and have been attempting to recreate it in some form or another since I first stumbled upon Wary Meyers a couple of years ago.

The interior design duo's aesthetic is firmly placed in the early 1970s, something else firmly placed is the pair's tongues in their cheeks; humour and whimsy can be found in most of their rooms.

The pair's blog is also fabulous fun. It's scattered with Youtube clips, reproduced pages from old books and magazines and the most obscure images (where do they source them from !?). These photos of Clint Eastwood sporting smashing kntiwear and a lovely lady are from an old Playboy magazine. Wasn't he just divine...anyhoo...Wary Meyers, check them out.

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