Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Northcote tales

The cool kids are heading north, or they've already left...depends on who you're talking to, I suppose. Either way Northcote is a lovely destination if you're cool or not. Beaufort 8 Group and I headed there to check the scene, do some shopping and eat some snacks. The Estelle was our chosen food venue, and I'm glad we went - it was lovely and our waiter was a treat.
High St boasts lots of good vintage shops and cool spotting. We both felt our Northcote trip was made complete when we spotted Dan Luscombe who the Beaufort 8 Group declared was the unofficial mayor of Northcote. Cool? Yes.

Food and coffee at The Estelle...
Another great coffee in beautiful crockery.
Goats cheese and beetroot salad. Yum.

Potato tortilla with salad and some kind of jamon.

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