Monday, August 15, 2011

Bow wow wowie

I was pretty young when I first developed a crush on David Bowie.
I liked his look first, I suppose, and grew to love his music as I got a bit older (my big sisters' musical tastes helped shape mine).
His early '80s Let's Dance was my first album/tape, but it's his '70s recordings I really love now.
He was a beautiful young man, and he makes a very respectable fashion icon - I regularly go for a Bowie-esque look. Somewhat narcissistically, I can see a bit of my own big-eyed, big-nosed face in Bowie's. Sheesh, a rather worrying realisation.
...and...I'll die happy knowing I've seen him perform live. It took me until 2004, when I saw him in Sydney, with two of my favourite people of all time.