Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mine, mine, all mine!

Well, here we are. A look in my wardrobe and beyond. You've asked, I've delivered. Finally.
Colour-coded wardrobe. Yes, seriously. There's not much in there that was made after the mid 1970s. 
I have a signature fragrance, until it runs out, then I move onto another one.  My current choice, and the perfume I wore to my wedding, Tom Ford's White Patchouli (What about that bottle!  Hello 1970!). Behind that, its most recent predecessor, Aqua Di Parma Iris Nobile. And behind them both: a nearly empty bottle of Madame Rochas.

No, Converse do not need a shoe box, but the others do! I keep the boxes and use the photos for a few reasons: They are well protected and therefore last longer and look better, they  store neatly, and they are easy to find. Nerd!

Old meets new: a double-breasted tuxedo jacket from Zara and a vintage cotton lace and duchess satin frock.

Some of my jewellery. I make it. I buy it. I collect it. I covet it. Ugh. It's taking over.

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