Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A trip through the 'burbs

A new blog discovery! Thanks to my leetle sister.
52 Suburbs documents through photos various suburbs around Sydney.
This photo is at my favourite vintage fashion stall at the Surry Hills market (I recognise the seller's penchant for vintage animal-print furs). It's a great stall and I would make the quick trip from Bondi every first Saturday of the month to check it out; lots of my wardrobe comes from buys at the Surry Hills market. It was also a very cool scene.
The same girl who has this stall also took her wares to the Bondi market, which I religiously went to every Sunday morning. It was only metres from where I used to live, so it was a given that I'd be there, picking through the goods and going home with fabulous finds.
Aaaah. Sydney days.

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