Monday, September 12, 2011

Lovely, luxe ladies lunch

The sister restaurant to St Kilda's Cicciolina, has taken up residence in this beautiful modernist building in East St Kilda. Ilona Staller (smarty pantses will know Italian porn star/politician Cicciolina's name is Ilona Staller) is a lovely casual, but classy bistro on Balaclava Rd. The Beaufort 8 Group and I dined there recently. I loved its '70s luxe interior, that balances precariously (for some) on the precipice of good and bad taste. I wanted to move in. 
Food wasn't bad either.

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zerry ht said...

Lovely, luxe ladies lunch! These photos are spectacular. At some local Seattle venues I also attended a fun luncheon with my quilting community. It also turned out to be very enjoyable. The Mexican food over there was very tasty.