Monday, February 14, 2011

Holiday mode

Rex and I took a walk to get a good coffee from Qualia.
We picked up some cushion inserts for vintage silk scarf cushion covers (watch this space).
On our return trip, I documented all the bits and pieces that either make me laugh or admire.
The postman had been when I returned home and delivered my debut Amazon purchase all the way from the US of A: Lucio Fulci's 1969 film Perversion Story.
It's classic giallo, quite ridiculous, but mid-century modern stylish with a '60s Italian-US mix.
But, it has the most amazing jazz soundtrack, so, I bought the DVD version with Riz Ortolani's 11-track soundtrack included. It's fabulous.
Plus, I'm 99% certain track six boasts the saxophone solo that LL Cool J went on to sample in his super-cool 1987 hit Going Back to Cali.
But now I have 2 copies of the ridiculous film!?


Worth the walk

Gourmet offerings

Golden elm

Tassie lion

G'day, Che

Mode of transport

No thanks, I'm walking

Beautifully worn tiles

Dodgy film, magnificent soundtrack

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